The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) - founded in 1861, is one of the oldest drama schools in the country.  It has an excellent reputation for providing the theatrical world with highly trained actors, stage managers, directors and designers.



Speech examinations were first offered to the public in the 1880s and today, have been extended to include graded examinations in Speaking Verse and Prose, Reading for Performance, Using Spoken English, and Public Speaking.  Graded Examinations in Performance exist in : Acting, Devised Drama, and Mime.  The assessment criteria are arranged as follows : Introductory and Entry Levels, Level 1 – Grades 1, 2 and 3, Level 2 – Grades 4 and 5, and Level 3 – Grade 6 (Bronze Medal), Grade 7 (Silver Medal) and Grade 8 (Gold Medal).



Calne Speech & Drama School regularly receives significant success when entering pupils for Speaking Verse and Prose examinations.  These are recommended as the first examinations for students to undertake, as they provide the learner with vital skills such as vocal projection, clear diction, good posture and the ability to interpret a variety of poetical and literary texts imaginatively and distinctly.



Pupils may then graduate to examinations in Public Speaking or in Acting, which are an excellent focus for developing communication and technical skills, and a most rewarding means of building self-confidence and self-esteem.  These achievements will always be appreciated and valued throughout their future lives and careers.



Most recently – during the spring and summer of 2014, pupils from Calne Speech & Drama School received outstanding results from LAMDA examinations in both Speech and Acting at all levels.  The marking scheme adopted by LAMDA requires 50 marks for a Pass, 65 marks for a Merit and 80 marks for a Distinction.  All students entered for Grade 5 and 6 (Bronze Medal) in Acting, achieved high Distinction marks – between 89 and 92.  Overall, 7 pupils received a high Distinction, 5 received Distinction and 6 received a high Merit mark.



LAMDA Examinations has been accredited as an Awarding Body by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).